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x1 Intel Xeon vCPU


1GB of disk space

5 Mbps uplink

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Due to an increasing demand of our Basic plan, we are required to verify your identity. Please, make sure you meet the following guidelines to have your order processed:
  • You must use your real IP address. VPN/Proxies are strictly forbidden.
  • You must provide valid contact details. Any mismatching information will decline your order.
  • You must have a working telephone number able to receive SMS.

As soon as you place your order, please open a ticket requesting the identity verification. You will need to provide your telephone number in order to receive the verification code. This telephone number must match the one used when registering and has to be from the same country as your profile and IP.

All orders that do not follow the guidelines will be deleted.

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Verification ticket format

As soon as you have placed your order you will need to submit a ticket in order to request the identity verification. You will have to include the next details:

Subject: Basic Plan verification

Body: I allow Linux22 to send me a text message to my telephone number no. (here goes your number with intl. prefix) in order to verify my identity. I acknowledge that my number will be only used for verification purposes and it will not be used for marketing campaigns or passed out to third parties.

After your identity verification request is received, a text message will be sent to your phone number. This SMS contains a six-digit verification number which you will need to add in a separate response of the ticket.

Finally, you will receive further instructions to access your server.

When will my order be processed? Read our article.

Why am I being billed €1,95 for setup fees? We have set up a symbolic fee in order to control the quantity of orders we receive. You can still get the server for free if the active coupon (which you can find above) has remaining uses. If it says that the coupon has expired, I am sorry, there is no stock left.

You may still pay the €1,95 setup fee if you want your order further processed. Please keep in mind that paying the setup fee does not prioritize you over free users. You will expect the same service level.

Do not forget to check out our knowledgebase and our community forums. You can find great tutorials and guides!

Fast answers to your rapid questions:

How many ports am I offered?

As you may already know, our VPS are based on the NAT technology. Instead of a public IPv4 address, you will be assigned a private IPv4 address with an array of 20 ports for your own use plus one for SSH connection.

Furthermore, you are assigned a /80 IPv6 block that has thousands of dedicated IPv6 addresses just for you. There is no need for port forwarding with IPv6.

We have a variety of different Linux distributions. You can browse our list of operating system templates here.

All orders (even paid ones) are manually reviewed and activated. These measures are in place to minimize the risks of fraud and to provide the best and most personal experience to the user.

Please kindly allow us 24 hours to carefully review your order. Normally it takes much less!

Unlike other providers, we use LXC as our hypervisor. All our guests enjoy the latest kernels (from Linux 4.13 and up).

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any SLA. Our service is based on best effort.

Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions if you have missed out anything!