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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Linux22?

Linux22 is a platform were you can deploy virtual servers without cost.

Our service offers different types of slices, ranging from free plans to paid plans.

Our service was created with something in mind: sharing is caring. Linux22 offers free servers for several reasons:

  • Our servers are mainly IPv6. Some kind of IPv4 connectivity is provided, but our main focus is to expand the new protocol usage.
  • Giving everyone an opportunity to create exciting things is awesome. We love people that start new projects, and they may apply for extra resources.
  • We love kind words that keep us improving the service :)

That's up to you. A Linux server can be used for many things: you can create your very own website, your gameserver, a VPN or even a remote desktop. You can check our knowledgebase in order to find guides and tutorials.

You can trust us as much as you would trust any major company, in any case, you can try our service for free.

Using our service is simple. Grab your favourite SSH client, copy the access details and get ready to play. We have prepared some step-by-step guides for you to play around.

Yes! Your server will be deployed with an operating system of your choice. You can install your own packages and modify the system in any way you want.

You can browse our list of operating system templates here.

We trust in the user's common sense. Think of it like a server located in your own home. Don't do what you wouldn't want to get.

However, you can refer to our terms of service if you are in doubt. In case that what you are looking for is not listed there, you can always contact us. Please note that registered users should use our ticketing system.

Yes. Our service is mainly IPv6 with NAT IPv4 connectivity. Locations where native IPv6 is not available will have tunneled IPv6. We will add native IPv6 addresses as soon as they are available to us.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any SLA. Our service is based on best effort.

Feeling that something is still unanswered? Do not hesitate to contact us! Our support ninjas are always ready to help you.